About TrustPoint International

TrustPoint International unifies and simplifies legal discovery and staffing under the leadership of a single trusted partner.  We give you control and flexibility needed for timely, defensible and cost-efficient results.

TrustPoint. Because Trust Matters.

Founded in 2008 and based in Atlanta, GA, TrustPoint International is a legal services company with a core technology and talent expertise in the discovery and review of electronically stored information.

The company business and execution strategy is to grow into an international legal service provider with the ability to deliver services ranging from consulting to court room reporting for every major phase of the compliance, governance and litigation lifecycle throughout the world.

From an offering perspective, the company is organized today to support growth into three specific business units.  These business units include eDiscovery, legal staffing and managed services.  Within this business unit structure, TrustPoint International today can deliver focused service offerings to support audit, investigation and litigation activities within law firms, corporations and governments.  These service offerings include:

Discovery Services

Legal Staffing

Managed Services

From a technology perspective, TrustPoint International is committed to leveraging a combination of best of breed technologies, internally developed integration processes and protocols, and highly trained experts to deliver high quality offerings to clients.  Company research and development (R&D) activities are managed within the eDiscovery operations team.  These activities consist of two areas of focus:

  • Pure technology R&D to assess, test and recommend usage of leading industry offerings to support the delivery of the company’s services.

  • Supporting technology R&D to develop, deploy and manage custom integration and workflow.

Current company R&D activities include the assessment of industry leading legal hold technologies, the workflow integration of emerging predictive coding technologies into the discovery process and the development of connectivity between predictive coding and hosted review platforms.  Some of the technologies that have made the transition from R&D into production environments with TrustPoint International include TunnelVision from Mindseye Solutions, the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite from OrcaTec, and Relativity from kCura.

Supporting both R&D and actual client production environments, the eDiscovery operations organization is segmented into four areas of focus.  These areas include:

  • Forensics:  Team of  Experts Geographically Deployed to Support Worldwide Immediate Response Requirements

  • Solutions Engineers:  Team of Solutions Experts Focused on Architecting Technology, Processes and People to Deliver Optimized Offerings to Clients

  • Project Management Team:  Team of Experts that Work with Solutions Engineers to Support Clients throughout the Lifecycle of Engagements

  • IT:  Team of Professionals Solely Focused on Supporting Client-facing Information Technology Infrastructure

In addition to strong support team within the eDiscovery operations arena, TrustPoint also has an additional team of discovery review centric project managers to ensure all client review related projects and programs have an appropriate level of project management support to ensure efficient execution.  This additional team is geographically aligned with TrustPoint International’s eight review facilities throughout the United States.

TrustPoint International supports international audit, investigations and litigation requirements from 15 core locations and eight review centers throughout the United States.  These locations are as follows:

TrustPoint International Offices and Review Centers

  •  Atlanta (HQ and Review Center)

  • Baltimore

  • Boston

  • Chicago

  • Cincinnati (Review Center)

  • Cleveland (Review Center)

  • Columbus (Review Center)

  • Houston (Review Center)

  • Kansas City

  • Los Angeles

  • New York (Review Center)

  • Raleigh

  • Richmond

  • San Francisco (Review Center)

  • Washington, DC (Review Center)

Learn more about TrustPoint International today at 1.855.669.1205 or info@trustpointintl.com.

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